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Everything You Require To Know About The Dark Web
The surface web is by far the most popular section of the internet that Internet users use to browse content. This segment contains sites that are indexable by search engines, and can be viewed using standard web browsers. While the surface internet may be the majority of what an typical user is exposed to however, there are many layers of hidden content to be discovered on the dark web. The Onion Router or Tor is a unique browser that lets users browse hidden websites and participate in illicit and legitimate activities. It is a completely anonymous IP address. Here is a brief review of the dark internet, including the many legal and illegal ways that people make use of it. Check out these dark web links for info.

What Exactly Is The Surface Web Exactly?
Sites that are accessible to the public (or the web surface) with no Tor or any other software or browsers are known as the open web. The websites on the internet are also easily searchable through search engines. While the surface web is home to a large portion of the,.net, websites, it is estimated that it only contains 5 to 5% of the entire content accessible on the web. The remainder of the content can be found on either the deep web, dark web, or both. One classic example is the idea of the "surface web" as the tip of a huge, hidden iceberg.

What's The Difference Between Deep Web (Or Dark Web)?
Millions of regular internet users access private databases like email inboxes as well as credit card accounts daily. These pages are not indexed by search engines and are protected behind security walls as well as authentication forms and passwords that are stored on the web.

Around 90% of websites are on the deep web, and many of them are utilized by companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The dark web is a component of the deep web. This area of the internet is only accessed by Tor users. Most internet users won't need to access dark web content, though it is legal to do so.

When And When Was The Dark Web First Created?
The 2000 release of Freenet, the thesis of University of Edinburgh student Ian Clarke was the first step towards the dark web. Clarke created an "Distributed decentralised information store and Retrieval Systems." Clarke set out to create an anonymous method to share online files and to communicate with other users. This was the foundation for the Tor Project. It launched an internet browser in 2008 before it was released in 2002. Tor allowed users to browse the web anonymously and access websites that were classified as being part of the "dark internet."

How The Dark Web Works
The original purpose of the dark web was to enable anonymous communication between the United States Department of Defense and its users. It has since turned into a global network of anonymous internet users. The dark web is utilized for both illegal and legal purposes. It employs a technology called "onion routing" which protects users against being tracked and monitored via the random route made up of servers that are encrypted. Tor users are able to access any site they want to by connecting via Tor. The information they give is passed through thousands of relay points that conceal their track and make it almost impossible for anyone to trace their browsing.

Legal Uses Of Dark Web
Although using the dark web may seem to be a bit suspicious, it is perfectly legal, and there are many legitimate reasons to use Tor and anonymous browsing. The dark internet is often used by countries that have government surveillance to monitor and repress political opposition. This lets them communicate without being subjected to surveillance by the government. Even though there are layers of security, users should be cautious when using the dark Web. This includes frequently updating security software, using a reliable VPN to browse, and not using a standard email address.

Illegal Uses Of The Dark Web
Due to its anonymity, the dark web is a great tool for illegal and illicit uses. This includes the purchase and selling of illegal drugs, weapons passwords, passwords, and stolen identities, in addition to the exchange of illegal pornography and other potentially harmful items. In recent times, a number of sites that host illegal content have been identified by authorities from the government, and have been taken down or removed. They include Silk Road, AlphaBay and Hansa. The anonymity of dark web sites has led to numerous security breaches and data breaches over the last few decades.

Cybersecurity The Biggest Threats Facing Us Today
Law enforcement agencies, government agencies and other agencies, and thousands of IT professionals are working continuously to prevent cyber-attacks and international threats that the dark web poses. The Tulane School of Professional Advancement has a wide range of cybersecurity opportunities and information technology. Our degree and certificate courses in Information Technology, Cyber Defense and Cybersecurity Management can help you to keep your internet users safe online. They can also prepare you for lucrative careers. For more information, contact us to learn more about our degree and certification programs.
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